Toner Contracts

Toner Inclusive Maintenance Contracts



London Printer Repairs will repair and service your printers for free. We even replace the users and maintenance kits for Free! All you ever have to buy again are the toners on our Gold option toner contract. Free printer repairs for as long as you only use our toners.Peace of mind for you and your business

London Printer Repairs offer free services and callouts when you are a regular customer of ours. Our prices are very competitive and we can normally beat most online shop prices. Our Gold option includes parts, labour, maintenance, kit etc. To find out more contact us for a quote.

Which option works for you ?


We supply all your toners and provide the added benefit of all printer repair callouts at no extra cost to you (labour only). Next time you have a problem just pick up the phone and an engineer will be with you the next working day. This is included in the price of the toner as long as we are the sole supplier of toner for the selected printer.


We supply all toners and provide the added benefit of all printer repair callouts labour + parts for free (Excluding all consumables). Never get stuck with spiralling repair costs again.


We supply all toners and provide all labour + all parts inclusive of maintenance kits, rollers , fusers etc. Including free loan of replacement printers if required. No hidden costs giving customers the ability to forecast annual costs and save money & valuable resource time.

Service Level
Unlimited Labour service
Unlimited Parts
Consumables (excluding toners)
Free Loan Printer

How it would work

We audit your printers for free and make sure there are no immediate issues that need resolving (if there are – you pay for parts only) before the contract starts.

After this initial registration all future service and repairs are totally free as long as you keep using our toners.

Managed Printer Service (MPS)

London Printer Repairs also offer a fully Managed Print Solution (MPS) on a cost per print basis.

What is covered?

All parts and labour

All consumables including Fusers, Transfer belt, Transfer roller, Pickup rollers, Drums

All labour

4 or 8 hour onsite response

Replacement loan printer if we are unable to fix a printer within 16 hours.

Full service on all printers every 6 months. Each machine is checked and preventative maintenance will be carried out.